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Maths Mastery Parent Pack – Reception – Spring

2D Shapes

Key Documents:

Year Overview:  EYFS Curriculum Overview

Spring 1 Parent Overview: EYFS Parent Overview Funnybones Spr1 2019-2020

Phonics Workshop:  EYFS Phonics Oct 2019

EYFS Home School Pack: EYFS Home School Pack 2019-20




PE will start after the October half term – our PE day is a Friday.

Please make sure your child brings their P.E kit in with them at the start of each half term. We will send kit home should it get dirty and at the end of each half term.

We are working towards making the children independent in many areas as possible. At home you can help your child to get changed independently into PE kits and school uniform.


Water Bottles:

We would like to encourage all the children to drink water throughout the day and we would like to request that your child brings in a water bottle to school labelled with their name.


WOW Stickers:

We warmly welcome you to record any significant milestones your child has reached at home. These can be recorded on the WOW moments sent home which we share and celebrate with the class.


Home Learning

To find out more about the teaching and learning approaches and expectations in the EYFS please click this link to the EYFS home/school pack.  Our home school agreement and information about behaviour management are also included in this document: EYFS Home School Pack 2018-19 FV



Initially, the focus is on pre-phonics skills, using the Government scheme of Letters & Sounds, which
provides a wide variety of fun activities as a solid introduction to core phonics listening skills.

We then begin to introduce the individual letter sounds. We use Read Write Inc or RWI as our school phonics scheme. It provides a systematic approach to learning the sounds that support reading.

We really encourage children to practise their phonics at home. We have put links below that will support you and your child with learning their sounds. Please use every opportunity to allow your child to practise, whether it be sounding out road signs, menus, TV guide to ensure they are accessing as much reading as possible. Here are some tricky words to practice with your child as well; Tricky Words

Supporting your child at home;Phoneme Sound Pronunciation Guide

Parent Info- helping with phonics etc



Maths Mastery:

Is the approach followed by the whole school and was introduced to KCS in 2017.

Lesson structure in EYFS:

New vocabulary is introduced and practised on the carpet.

Children will engage in a ‘Talk Task’ on the carpet where they watch the class teacher model the skills and vocabulary.

Over the course of the week children will work in a variety of ways, including: adult led groups, 1:1 teaching situations, as well as be able to apply their knowledge independently.

We use a wide rage of manipulatives to support Maths Mastery, the most commonly used is
Numicon. Numicon are plastic shapes that can be combined in a wide variety of ways to
support: pattern making, addition, subtraction, multiplication and many more!


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