SUMMER 2: ‘Land Ahoy!’

**NEW HOMEWORK GRID**  Last Learning Grid 2020

Literacy: Tiddler the story telling fish   Tiddler story map  My own tall tale plan  Tiddler – Word mat

Acrostic Ocean Poems   Starters – Acrostic Poems   Word Bank – Dolphin & Starfish   Ocean poem templates

Mathematics:  To develop understanding of halves and quarters of quantities    To directly compare the capacities of two containers     To indirectly compare capacities by measuring in non-standard units    To apply understanding of halves and quarters to capacity     To introduce a litre as a standard unit of measure    To explore difference by comparing measures of length and volume 

History: Seaside Holidays Now and Then    Seaside comparison

D&T: Seaside in a bottle  To apply understanding of measurement in a real life context

PSHE: Wellbeing – Lesson Presentation   My Plans for the Future Activity Sheet    Support Network Web





**HOMEWORK GRID**   Home Learning Grid wk 14 & 15

Resources for Home Learning wk 14 & 15:

Literacy:   The Snail and the whale 

My favourite part of the story  My favourite character   The snail wants to see more of the world       Tricky words

Mathematics: To share a total equally between a set number of groups L5    To share a total equally between a set number of groups L6    To share a total equally and find the number of groups    To explore arrays

History: The Story of Captain James Cook   Captain James Cook Significant Facts   Life on Captain James Cooks Ship Activity Sheet

Science:  All about the seaside   At the Seaside Writing activity

D&T:  Pirate Raft   Raft design sheet   Raft evaluation sheet

PSHE: Wellbeing – Lesson Presentation    Pyramid of Priorities Activity Sheet   My Control Activity Sheet




**HOMEWORK GRID** Home Learning Grid wk 12 & 13

Resources for Home Learning wk 12 & 13:

Literacy: The Night Pirates  Night Pirates – Word Bank

The Snail and the whale  The amazing travelling snail

All about postcards  Letter Writing  To write a letter  Story Sentence Starters  Story Mountain

Mathematics:   To find double and half of an amount of money  To recognise and add equal groups

To add equal groups  To solve problems using repeated addition

Geography: Lesson Presentation – where is our school   Where is Our School Activity Sheet

Science: All about Summer

Art: Rainbow Fish textiles – ideas   Rainbow Fish – Templates

RE:  Mother Teresa




** HOMEWORK GRID**  Y1 Grid Wk 10 & 11 Home Learning

Resources for Home Learning wk 10 & 11:

Literacy:  The Night Pirates   My own ending of the story   Story map – The Night Pirates   Story map 1 – The Night Pirates

SPAG:   Noun Suffixes -es  Activity Sheet Adding -es  Regular Plural Cards  Collin’s walk

Lesson Presentation Prefix -un  Adding the prefix -un Warm up  Using the prefix -un  Using -un words in sentences

Phonics:   Phonics Practice – Phase 5

Mathematics:  To use addition and subtraction in the context of money   To find the total cost of two items            To exchange money for items    To calculate the amount of change needed

Science:   Lego Lesson Presentation    Scientific Vocabulary mat   Lego – Activity Sheet

History:  Comparing old and new toys   Old and new toys – Sorting Activity

PSHE:   Looking after each other  Activity Sheet Looking After Each Other






SUMMER 1 : ‘All creatures great and small’

** HOMEWORK GRID** Year 1 Wk 9 home learning

Resources for Home Learning wk 9:

Literacy:  Rumble in the jungle   Design a new book cover

SPAG:   Plurals  Singular and plural nouns    Make it plural  Animal Plurals -s  Animal plurals -s and -es  Animal plurals regular and irregular

Mathematics:  To recognise the value of different coins 1  To recognise the value of different coins 2  To recognise the value of different coins and notes  To compare different amounts of money  Straw Square Maths Challenge

Science:   Build a bird’s nest

PSHE:  Our Feelings   How do you feel

Art:   Paper Towel Colour Mixing

ICT:    Outdoor Technology Activity Sheet


PE:   Outdoor exercise cards

HOMEWORK GRID  Year 1 Wk 7 & 8 home learning

Resources for Home Learning wk 7 & 8:

Literacy: Monkey Puzzle  Comparing characters worksheet

How to write instructions  Biscuit recipe instructions  Cheese omelette – Sandwich

SPAG: Verbs  Imperative verbs  Imperative verbs application activity  Imperative Verbs Practice  Imperative verbs worksheet

Suffixes -ing Lesson Presentation  Application Activity Suffixes -ing  Activity Sheet Adding -ing suffixes  Activity Sheet Actions ing suffixes

Mathematics: To solve problems in a context using addition and subtraction  Addition and Subtraction one step problems

To identify physical properties of coins  British Coins   Coin Reveal

Science: Life Cycle of a butterfly  Life Cycle of a butterfly template

RE:  The Creation story

Geography: Animals Habitats    Habitats – Craft Ideas

History: Victory in Europe Day  VE Day medal activity sheet

PSHE: Relationships




** HOMEWORK GRID** Year 1 Wk 5-6 home learning

Resources for Home Learning wk 5-6:

Literacy: Monkey puzzle Power Point Presentation   Monkey puzzle Retelling the story   My animal fact sheet

Recount writing helpful hints    Recount-examples    Recount plan template    Recount Writing Frame

SPAG: Personal Pronoun I Lesson Presentation    Personal Pronoun I Application Sheet  Activity Sheet Capital Letter for I

Suffixes -ed Lesson Presentation    Application Activity Sheet -ed words  Activity Sheet Adding -ed  Activity Sheet Do We Need ed    Activity Sheet In The Past

Mathematics: To subtract a 2-digit number and ones    Applying Addition and subtraction strategies

Science: Minibeasts around the world Powerpoint presentation    Microhabitats Power Point Presentation    Minibeasts hunt checklist    Minibeasts Hotel Activity    Minibeast Fact Cards

RE: The Story of Noah’s Ark    Noahs Ark – Logbook

PSHE: Relationships-Good and bad Powerpoint Presentation     Friendship and what it means Powerpoint

** HOMEWORK GRID** April 2020:

Year 1 Home Learning Grid April 2020

Resources for Home Learning April 2020

Literacy: The Legend of King Arthur Power Point    The Snow Queen Powerpoint

Phonics: Phonics Screening 1  Phonics Screening 2  Phonics Screening 3 Phonics Screening 4

May Phonics Activity   Phase 5 Phonics Home Learning

Mathematics: Height and Length Problems Power Point Pesentation  Activity Sheet – Mr Measure

Comparing Weights Power Point  Comparing Weights – Differenciated

To add a two- digid number and ones with regrouping  Solving part whole word problems Part-whole model

Place value charts Ten frame

Science: Parts of a Plant PowerPoint   Science – How do stems work

History: Magna Carta PowerPoint  Newspaper Report Template   The role of the Prime Minister

RE: Passover Power Point  How is Passover celebrated Power Point  The Easter Story Power Point

Ressurrection Rolls page 2

PSHE: Medicine Safety Power point   Medicine Safety Poster   Medicine or not

Home Learning:

Instructions Year 1-School closure interactive learning linksY1 Home Learning Grid

Common Exception Words Years 1 and 2 Word Mat

RWI Sound Mat

RWI Letter Formation Chart

RWI Nonsense Words 1

RWI Nonsense Words 2

RWI Nonsense Words 4

RWI Nonsense Words 3


RWI Red Words

RWI Green Words 2

RWI Green Words 1





Castles    Comparing Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria      Comparing Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria      Healthy Eating and Living Powerpoint      Knowledge organiser-Kings and Queens      Monarchs Fact File Parts of a Castle      Plants and flowers hunt sheet      Significant British Monarchs      The Frog Prince – Story Powerpoint       The lifecycle of a flowering plant       Year 1-School closure interactive learning links

Easter Crafts:

Bunny-Envelope-Craft-Instructions    Egg-Box-Bunny-Craft-Instructions       Egg-Box-Chick-Craft-Instructions     Egg-Printing-Craft-Instructions      Egg-Window-Decoration-Craft-Instructions      Felt-Bunny-Bag-Craft-Instructions      Felt-Easter-Baskets-Craft-Instructions      Handprint-Chicken-With-Chicks-Craft-Instructions     Paper-Plate-Easter-Basket-Craft-Instructions       Paper-Plate-Peek-A-Boo-Bunny-Craft-Instructions       Pom-Pom-Animals-Craft-Instructions      Split-Pin-Chick-in-Egg-Craft-Instructions      Woollen-Bunny-Card-Craft-Instructions  Woven-Paper-Egg-Craft-Instructions


**NEW HOMEWORK GRID** Spring 2 2020:

Year 1 Homework grid spring 2 2020

For more detailed information on what will be happening over the half term

This weeks Learning Snapshot: Year 1 snapshot 13.03.20



PE day is a Thursday. Please make sure your child has their PE-kit in school on this day. The PE kit can be kept in school over the  half term or taken home if you wish to wash it.  Please ensure that your child’s school uniform and PE kit are clearly labelled with their name.  Earrings should be removed at home before coming to school or will be covered with tape for health and safety reasons.

New: Now that the weather is getting colder, please supply your child with black jogging trousers rather than shorts.

Water Bottles– Please provide your child with a named and full water bottle which they should bring to school daily.  There is water available for refills as needed

To find out more about the teaching and learning approaches and expectations in Year 1 please click this link to the KS1 home/school pack.  Our home school agreement and information about behaviour management are also included in this document. Click here to download this file

Home Learning


Please read with your child every night, no matter what level they are working at.  Once you have read with your child, please sign and comment in the reading record.  Then we will know when it is reading to be changed. Please ensure your child brings their reading book and record to school daily so that books can be changed as often as possible and children can be heard read by adults in school on a regular basis.


  • Autumn Term Maths Information for parents Click here to download this file
  • Weekly maths homework will consolidate the learning from the week.
  • Please ensure your child completes their homework and returns their folder to school by the following Wednesday.

Supporting your child at home: