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Summer 2       Up, Up and away!

Year 2 Home learning resources

Week 17  Moving on, looking ahead

Learning Grid:  Year 2 wk17 Moving on, Looking ahead


Literacy The-cautious-caterpillar-story-powerpoint

Literacy The-cautious-caterpillar-spread-your-wings-and-fly-transition-powerpoint

Literacy The-cautious-caterpillar-think-say-feel-differentiated-activity

Reading The-cautious-caterpillar-butterfly-life-cycle-comprehension


Maths The-cautious-caterpillar-2-5-and-10-multiplication-and-division-mosaic

Maths The-cautious-caterpillar-mental-calculations-maths-mosaic

Maths The-cautious-caterpillar-year-2-reasoning-challenge-cards


Science The-cautious-caterpillar-codys-minibeast-hotel

Science The-cautious-caterpillar-microhabitats-sorting-cards


Geog Lesson Presentation Marvellous Maasai

Geog Maasai Match It

Geog All about the Maasai

Geog Lesson Presentation My Day Your Day

Geog Life in Kenya

Geog Same or Different


PSHE End of year poem

PSHE For-my-new-teacher-transition-booklet

PSHE The-cautious-caterpillar-codys-butterfly-cupcake-recipe

PSHE The-cautious-caterpillar-lovely-ladybird-muffin-pizzas

PSHE The-cautious-caterpillar-spreading-my-wings-from-year-2-to-year-3


African Art Craft Instructions

Summer holiday additional learning:

Summer-Holiday-Snapshots-Writing-Frame  Parent-workbooks




Year 2 Home learning resources Week 15-16  Sensational Safari!

Learning Grid: Year 2 week 15-16 sensational safari


Reading Safari-Animal-Factfiles

Literacy African-animals-fact-file-activity

Literacy Reading African Animals

The Big Five Research Sheet – Leopard

The Big Five Research Sheet – Cape Buffalo

The Big Five Research Sheet – African Lion

The Big Five Research Sheet – African Elephant

The Big Five Research Sheet – Rhino

Apostrophes for possession

Possessive apostrophes activity


Exploring Calculation Strategies 

Maths Safari challenge cards


Science Guess the Animal Adult script

Project: Geography

Geography National Parks and Wildlife

Geography My National Park Plan


Art african-patterns-information

Art african-patterns-colouring-pages

Adult Guidance African Animal Sunset Art

Sunset Art Silhouette Cut-Outs



(NB. the sounds will not work on a pdf so you could use a safe search engine to listen to the sound of the african instruments).

Charanga Yumu activities (see previous email for log in details)


Andy’s wild work outs


Research about national parks and African animals

Suggested safe search engines


Purple mash ‘To do’s’ or feel free to explore tools you have used at school.


Year 2 Home learning resources Week 13-14  Sensational Safari!

Learning Grid: Year 2 week 13-14 sensational safari

Literacy resources:

lila and the secret of rain word mat

Spag Suffixes

Sensational Safari Book List

kenya fact file

Kenya Fact file writing Sheet

Expanded noun phrases


White Rose Home learning Year 2

Weeks 5 and 6.


Science lesson Endangered Animals

Science Fact Sheets Endangered Animals

Science Endangered Animal Fact File Activity


Geography Lesson Where Is Kenya

Kenya Atlas Challenge Cards

Geography Passport to Kenya

Geography My Journey Around Kenya

Geography Map of Kenya Poster



PSHE Memories


Art Safari in a Shoebox

Music: Charanga

ICT: Purple Mash To dos.

Year 2 Home learning resources Week 11-12   MARVELLOUS MEERKATS!

Learning Grid:     Year 2 week 11-12 Meerkats


Literacy resources:


Meerkat Mail – VIPERS Discussion Guide

Meerkat Past tense 1

Meerkat phonics

Meerkat recount

Meerkat spelling

Meerkat suffixes

Meerkat vocab extension

Meerkats Past tense 2

Meerkat Fact file

Parts of an animal

Meerkat Have eat can



Science resources:

Science Working Together, Staying Alive

World Habitat Game

Science Dependency Activity Sheets

Art/PSHE: meerkat-mindfulness-colouring-pages


Year 2 Home learning resources Week 9

Year 2 week 9 nurturing nurses

Supporting presentations:

Florence Nightingale PDF

Mary Seacole PDF


The Doctors’ surgery

Words ending in -tion

Additional resources:

Music:  Please log onto your account Charanga Yumu

ICT: Please log onto Purple Mash and complete your ‘to do’s’

Extra reading:   Oxford Owl

This fantastic website provides access to so many reading books from the Oxford reading scheme at all levels. Children can listen to stories, read to themselves and complete activities and games.  You can register as a parent to access the free resources but I have also set up a class login which I will Parentmail to you next week.

Extra Maths:  Natwest Money Sense games

Revise your money knowledge and problem solving using the fun games on this website.

PSHE/PE with cross curricular links:  Supermovers




Year 2 Home learning resources- Weeks 7&8


Year 2 week 7-8 VE day

Supporting presentations:

Suffixes -less and -ly



World War Two Timeline Cards

RE lesson 3 Peace wk 7-8

Additional resources:




Music:  Please log onto your account Charanga Yumu

ICT: Please log onto Purple Mash and complete your ‘to do’s’

Extra reading: First news

Please send photos to the school office.

Year 2 Home learning resources- Weeks 5&6

The home learning grid and all resources and links are included in one document this week.

Year 2 wk 5-6 learning grid and resources

Spelling presentation: Suffixes Year 2 Suffixes-ment -ful -ness

Science lesson presentations    Science Lesson Presentation Climate Change

Science Lesson Presentation Reduce Reuse Recycle

Science knowledge organiser the-environment

Suggested extra learning links and tasks:

Handwriting:  Letter writing practice 

Handwriting: Ways to support at home

Maths: If you would like free access to ‘taught’ lessons, please go to the following link.  The resources are excellent.


BBC bitesize working scientifically

BBC bitesize/topics What should I do with my rubbish?


PSHE/PE with cross curricular links:

Music, Dance, PE with cross curricular links:

Music: Online interactive activities covering the national curriculum for KS1 and KS2.


Year 2 home learning resources – Weeks 3 & 4

Y2 home learning wk 3-4

Year 2 Home learning resources- Weeks 1 & 2

Home learning y2

Literacy: Focus- The Egg and other dragon stories (See separate parentmail)


Reading and spelling focus: Common exception words

Common Exception Words Years 1 and 2 Word Mat

Spot Mr Whoops Mistakes Y1 Y2 Common Exception Words

Maths: Focus- Shape and Space: 2D and 3D shape

Work on pages in your Maths TAF booklet

Use the posters included in your pack and the ideas on the home learning grid to explore properties of shape

Parent Pack – Year 2 – Spring Maths

2d shapes properties

3d shapes properties

Science: Animals and their Habitats

Explore the learning opportunities on the home learning grid

Living, Dead or Never Alive Home Task

Project: Dragons

Explore the learning opportunities on the home learning grid

Dragon eye clay art (see instructions in your pack)

Draw a dragon


Daily activities using these websites



**NEW Homework Grid** Spring 2 2020:

Y2 Homework Grid Spring2 2020

**NEW THEME** Spring 2 2020:

Year2 Parent Overview – EGGSTRAVAGANZA Spr2 2020

General Information:

Meet the Teacher Meeting presentation KS1 meet the teacher aut 1 2019

Key Stage One Home School Pack KS1 Home School Pack 2019-20 v1

Autumn Term Maths information pack for parents Maths Parent Pack – Year 2 – Autumn



PE day is Thursday. Please make sure your child has their PE-kit with them on this day. The kit can be left in school for the half term or taken home sooner if you wish to wash it. Please ensure that your child’s school uniform and PE kit are clearly labelled with their name.  Earrings should be removed at home before coming to school or will be covered with tape for health and safety reasons.

New: Now that the weather is getting colder, please supply your child with black jogging trousers rather than shorts.

Water Bottles– Please provide your child with a named and full water bottle which they should bring to school daily.  There is water available for refills as needed.

To find out more about the teaching and learning approaches and expectations in Year 2 please click this link to the KS1 home/school pack.  Our home school agreement and information about behaviour management are also included in this document. KS1 Home School Pack 2019-20 v1

Home Learning


Please read with your child every night, no matter what level they are working at.  Once you have read with your child, please sign and comment in the reading record.  Then we will know when it is reading to be changed. Please ensure your child brings their reading book and record to school daily so that books can be changed as often as possible and children can be heard read by adults in school on a regular basis.


We have a Friday spelling session, usually linked to practising and learning specific spelling patterns or common exception words in the Year 2 curriculum.  These spellings will be sent home weekly once they have been taught in school.  When writing their spellings please encourage your child to use cursive joins.  In school, we will practise and check spellings at your child’s individual level over the course of the week in addition to this.


Autumn Term Maths information pack for parents Maths Parent Pack – Year 2 – Autumn

Weekly maths homework will consolidate the learning from the week.

Please ensure your child completes their homework and returns their folder to school by the following Wednesday.

Supporting your child at home: