At Kingston Community School, the curriculum is tailored to the needs and aspirations of our children. Every pupil has individualised targets, which are tackled in a variety of settings, including individual work, group work and whole class teaching. Our staff not only share knowledge and skills, we encourage children to delight in knowledge: to move from, ‘Whatever!’ and ‘So what?’ to wonder and wellbeing. Lessons come with a licence for adventure and learning is integrated across subjects and disciplines.

Practical Learning

Kingston Community School develops life-long learners who are able to relate their learning to practical problems. Staff provide children with regular opportunities to apply learning to real life and to work in groups, thus building capacity for life skills such as team-work, self assessment, problem-solving, social skills, etc.

Personal development

We want to support the children in taking ownership for their own learning, since we recognise that lifelong learning means that knowledge acquisition is secondary to learning how to learn. Whilst they are in the younger years, our approach includes informal methods such as Learning Show and Tell, where the children talk to others about what they have learnt, how they have learnt it and what they would change next time. As the children gain confidence in these skills, Kingston Community School will use an approach to help children set suitable targets and plans for their growth and development, with input from staff, parents and carers. In this way all parties can recognise, contribute to and benefit from the progress that children are making. Our teachers are trained in personal coaching to build children’s confidence, aid motivation and raise achievement both in and out of the classroom.


We will remove barriers to learning and deliver effective education for all children regardless of language, culture, gender, physical, intellectual, emotional or socioeconomic status. Pupils will be assessed for individual needs on entry, so that appropriate targets can be identified.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Children with special educational needs will benefit from a range of provision, including support in the classroom and targeted interventions for individuals and groups. Children with a formal statement of special educational needs will receive a programme of support tailored to meet the objectives laid out in the statement.

Challenging the More Able

We recognise that all children are unique. By identifying and investing in their gifts, talents and abilities we accelerate their learning and increase their sense of enjoyment and achievement.


Every member of the school community is expected to treat others as they would wish to be treated. This code of conduct provides the basis for behaviour management at Kingston Community School. We use clear rules and boundaries, and we refuse to identify children with their negative behaviour. Instead, we focus on choices while addressing those factors that lead some children to make poor choices and seeking to draw out the best aspects of who each child was made to be.

Working with families

Our school’s vision is more than just to teach children; we work with parents and carers as partners in educating their children. Staff develop connections between school and home, and work with parents and carers to identify personalised strategies to support their child’s learning. We invite parents and carers to get involved in school life in a variety of ways and also ensure that they have access to extra training and support as necessary.