“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”


At Kingston Community School, we highly value the capacity of music to be a fun, engaging and motivational vehicle for learning.

Music, whether it is being sung or listened to, is always a part of our assembly routine.  Every class assembly and performance will have songs included.

Each year group has a weekly Music lesson, following the Charanga Music scheme.  Being a school who accesses Kingston Music Service provision, we have been generously offered free access to this is award winning scheme for a second year.  Charanga is an online resource which provides a complete scheme to teach the national curriculum for music.  It has a growing library of songs, topics, instrument courses and creative apps. It offers support for assessment, SEND and personalised teaching and learning.



Music is also planned into cross curricular opportunities where possible.  Examples of this would be learning the Jigsaw PSHE themed songs; making music using the Purple Mash program in Computing; Project/Science songs- Spring chicken being a great example; listening to relaxing music during mindfulness sessions.

Year 3 children at Kingston Community School learn to play the recorder with a music teacher from Kingston Music Service.  Kingston Music Service also offers 1:1 opportunities in school for children to learn a number of instruments with a specialist teacher.  Please contact them through this link if you are interested in this for your child.